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Book Endorsements

This book is a love letter that will open hearts that pain and grief have closed­. It is important reading for anyone who has lost a child­, or loves someone who has­. Bless these fathers and their sons and daughters. Their deeply-moving stories demonstrate the sun rises even­ after the darkest night.   Anne Ryder­, Speaker, Former NBC-affiliate (WTHR) News Anchor


I would have no hesitance recommending this book to a parent grieving the loss of a child. The book is not at all in the typical self-help genre. There are no bulleted lists. There is a collective wisdom about coping with traumatic loss, particularly about normalizing feelings that are not easily understood by others... (Read full book review PDF) Jim Gormally, Ph.D., Dept. of Psychology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center


The death of a son or daughter feels like a cosmic injustice­, an agony many dads suffer in silence and isolation­. But the stories of these courageous dads show that grappling with grief together can bring hope and healing­, even amidst life's deepest sorrows­.   John Wimmer­, PhD, Program Director­, Religion­, Lilly Endowment Inc.


These Hoosier dads­, joined together by the thread of shared tragedies and grief­, have opened their hearts to the rest of us­. Woven together­, the quilt of their stories offers warmth and hope of survival to fathers with shared experiences and those who love them.  Lanny Berman, PhD­, ABPP, Executive Director­, American Association of Suicidology


Their greatest fear became their reality­. Their child has died­. Each dad's courage to share his grief helps to create a circle of hope for themselves and everyone who reads Tuesday Mornings with the Dads­. Helene M. Cross­, President and CEO, Fairbanks Hospital, Indianapolis