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North Side Dads - Le Peep's Restaurant 8255 Craig St - Indy
South Side Dads - Denny's I65/Main St. Greenwood, IN   Scottsdale, AZ Dads - Denny's at 101 and Indian Bend 
Dads Near You

In addition to the original Indianapolis North side Dads Group, dads are now forming new groups in other locations.  If you are a dad who has lost a child and needs to find other dads who get it, feel free to join one of these groups:

  • North side Indianapolis group: Meets Tuesday mornings, 7 a.m.,
    Le Peep's Restaurant at 8255 Craig Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250 - Contact Rick Larrison at ricklarrison@gmail.com
  • South side Indianapolis group: Meets Thursday mornings, 7 a.m.,
    at Denny's at I65 / Greenwood Main St. exit - Contact Henry Pawlick at 317-534-2388 or morningswiththedads@gmail.com
  • Scottsdale, Arizona group:  Meets Saturday mornings, 8:30 a.m.,
    at Denny's 9160 E. Indian Bend Road right off the 101
    Contact Jerry Toomer at 317-445-8818 or toomer500@aol.com
  • Central San Joaquin Valley group: - Meets every other Saturday morning at 7am at Perko's Cafe 4642 Kiernan Avenue, Salida, CA 95367  - Contact Norm Andrews at 209-345-0601 or nandrews6863@charter.net or NormA@MID.org